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Post  tampa hitmen on Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:48 am

Fort Worth Trail Drivers: $120-10=110-5=105-3=102-9=93

Tampa Hitmen: $166-10 =156-5=151-2=149-7=142

Maryland Crabs: $56-10=46-4=42-5=37-4=33

Motorcity Maniacs: $120-10=110-6=104-2=102-3=99-7=92

OPEN 4: $120-10=110-10=100-9=91-16=75-7=68-8=60-7=63-8=55

Rangenius World Order: $84-10=74-2=72-10=62-3=59-5=54-3=51-7=44-2=42-2=40-3=37-6=31-1=30

Ann Arbor Assault: $120-10=110-5=105-10=95-1=94-17=77-13=64-4=60

Potomac Pigskin Politicians: $147-10=137-4=133-3=130-3=127-25=102-11=91-2=89-2=87

Rotten's Raiders: $76-10=66-5=61-7=54-10=44-10=34-5=29-4=25

Orlando Yorkie-Poos: $90-7=83-21=62-18=44-7=37-7=30-21=9

New York Enforcers: $93-3=90-5=85-5=80-5=75-3=72-2=70-1=69-3=66-1=65

Benton County Spray-Painted Master Bakers: $69-10=59-20=39-1=38-22=16-8=8-2=6

Fort Worth Trail Drivers:

Retained:  Helu, Roy ($3), Johnson, Stevie SDC WR ($9)
Acquired: Bethea, Antoine ($5

Tampa Hitmen:

Acquired: Dunbar, Lance (5) RB Smith, Antone ATL RB (2)WR Beasley, Cole DAL WR (7)

Maryland Crabs:

Retained: Harris, David NYJ LB ($5), Smith, Alex ($4)
Acquired: Smith, Steve BAL WR (4)

Motorcity Maniacs:

Retained: Palmer, Carson(6), S Johnson, Rashad ARI S ($2)S McCourty, Devin NEP S($3), Miller, Heath (7)


Retained: Manning, Eli QB ($10), Sean Lee ($9),  Greenway, Chad (7), Casey, Jurrell (Cool
Acquired: Rey, Vincent (16), Walker, Delanie (Cool, Cushing, Brian (7)

Rangenius World Order:

Retained: Adams, Mike IND S ($3), RB Cadet, Travaris NEP RB(2)PK Vinatieri, Adam IND PK(2)DE Johnson, Charles CAR DE (3), Matthews, Clay (Cool, Herron, Dan (3), Oliver, Branden (6)
Acquired: Woodson, Charles OAK S ($2), Johnson, Andre IND WR ($10), Gates, Antonio (5), Hauschka, Steven (3), Sturgis, Caleb (2), Williams, Aaron (2)DE Thornton, Cedric PHI DE (1),

Ann Arbor Assault:

Retained: Jordan, Cameron NOS DE ($5),  Bolden, Brandon NEP RB (1), Levy, Deandre (17)
Acquired: WR Tate, Golden DET ($10) WR Edelman, Julian NEP WR ($13)DT Ngata, Haloti DET DT (4)

Potomac Pigskin Politicians:

Retained:  Ninkovich, Rob ($4), Royal, Eddie ($3), Nelson, Reggie ($3), Kosi, Misa ($2), Marks, Sen'Derrick ($2)
Acquired: Laurinatis, James (25), White, Roddy (11)

Rotten's Raiders:

Retained:  Stewart, Jonathan ($5), Ward, TJ ($7), Whitner, Donte ($10), Jones, Marvin CIN WR ($5)
Acquired: Vereen, Shane ($10)TE Davis, Vernon SFO TE ($4)

Orlando Yorkie-Poos:

Retained: Smith, Daryl BAL LB ($7), Jackson, D'Qwell IND LB $(21), Flacco, Joe BAL QB ($18), Johnson, Derrick KCC LB ($Cool, DE Michael Bennett ($7)DE Tuck, Justin OAK DE($6)PK Gano, Graham CAR PK(1), Wallace, Mike (21)

New York Enforcers:

Retained: S Berry, Eric KCC S ($3), Wake, Cameron ($5), Crosby, Mason ($5), S Byrd, Jairus NOS S ($3), Rice, Ray FA* RB ($2),TE Gresham, Jermaine ARI TE (3)
Acquired: Bowe, Dwayne CLE WR ($5), WR Boykin, Jarrett CAR WR (1), , Ryans, DeMeco (1)

Benton County Spray-Painted Master Bakers:

Retained: Justin Forsett ($20), Prater, Matt DET PK ($1), Marshall, Brandon ($22), Johnson, Derrick KCC LB ($8)TE Daniels, Owen DEN TE (2)

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