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Restricted Free Agents (RFA) Empty Restricted Free Agents (RFA)

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Restricted Free Agents (RFA)

13.1 Once a player's contract expires, he becomes a
Restricted Free Agent.

13.2 RFA bidding begins May 1 [see rule 2.6] and
closes on May 26, midnight ET. No new bids will be accepted
after May 26; "bids in process" may continue beyond
May 26 until a final offer is reached for a player.

13.3 All RFA bids are made on the RFA message board and
each bid must include the player's name and the amount

13.4 Owners may not raise their own high bids and may
not bid on their own players

13.5 Once a bid is posted on a player, other
interested owners have 24 hours to increase the bid.

13.6 Any owner may join the bidding process within the
24-hour period of the last bid

13.7 A players' bids will be closed after 24 hours has
passed with no new bids.

13.8 Once a player's bids are closed, the current
owner will then have 24 hours to match the high bid
or allow the player to be signed by
the highest bidding team.

If a bid has been in over 24 hrs but we have not
had time to close it, new bids will not count. And the
current owner has 24 hrs from when we close the bid
with a post, saying closed.

13.9 Owners may drop out of the bidding process for
any individual player at any time unless they have the
high bid. They may re-enter the process as long as
bidding remains active for the player in question.

13.10 Owners who place bids must have enough T-Notes
available to cover all outstanding high bids.

13.11 If an owner overbids their budget at any time,
that owner will be assessed a fine of 20% of his T-Notes
balance and all players that said team has the high
bid will be removed from the board. These same players
will remain RFAs and may be placed back on the board
with valid bids.

13.12 After the RFA signing period, any players that
did not receive bids will remain on the current team's
roster at no cost.

13.13 Restricted Free-agents may not be traded during
the month of RFA.

Franchise Tags [Restricted free agency cont']

13.14 - Each yr an owner may designate 1 player to be
his franchise player whose contract expires, before
May 1 RFA.

13.15 - Cost to designate a franchise player is 10 T-Notes
each year, which is non-refundable. (see 13.16)

13.16 - Franchise player may be bid on by the league.
The minimum bid on another owner's Franchised Player is
22 T-Notes, but said owner only has to pay half the amount
of the high bid. The initial 10T-Notes FP payment is the
equivalent of a 20 T-Notes bid. If a minimum qualifying bid
is made on that player, the original owner only has to pay
half the difference between 20 T-Notes and the amount of
the high bid. (example: high bid is 30 T-notes, original owner
must pay 5 more T-Notes to retain said player.)

13.17 - If current owner does not have the cash, or chooses
not to match high bid of franchise player, said owner
receives amount of high bid, plus high bids draft pick(s)
as follows:

13.17a. The next rookie draft 1st round pick between
1.1 and 1.6. If high bidder does not have 1.1 through 1.6
in the next draft, 13.17b is used for compensation.

13.17b. The next rookie draft 1st round pick between
1.7 and 1.12, plus any second round pick (if there are
more than one) of the high bidder's choosing.

13.17c. If high bid owner does not have a 1st round
pick in upcoming rookie draft, said owner pays his highest
pick in that draft plus 1st round pick in the next draft.
(rule 10.14, 13.17a and 13.17b apply here). If said owner
does not have a 1st round pick in 2nd upcoming draft, he
pays his highest pick in that draft as well and his 1st round
pick in the 3rd upcoming draft. (rule 10.15, 13.17a and 13.17b
apply here). High bid owner could be out up to 4 draft picks
if he chooses to trade his 1st round picks, and bid on opposing
owners franchise players.

13.18 After the RFA process a Franchise Tagged Player will
receive a new contract, either from the original Tagging team
or the new team that acquired him.

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